Sport & Emotions in Paris

Longines Masters Paris !

What a week-end in Paris !

Thursday in the CSI 2*, Cedric Hurel and Tarquin were 2nd in the 1.35m class. Guillaume Canet and Babeche ended 5th.

© Tiffany Van Halle

© Tiffany Van Halle

The big class was for Olivier Guillon and Serise du Bidou. 4S rider Damien de Chambord took the 2nd place thanks to PlayBoy Saint Simeon. Thierry Rozier and Venezia d’Eucaussinnes were 5th.

© Andy Chansel - Le Cavalier Bleu

© Andy Chansel – Le Cavalier Bleu

Julien Epaillard took home the CSI 5*’s First Class riding Quatrin de la Roque. GPA riders Denis Lynch (Ho Go Van de Padenborre), Penelope Leprevost (Vagabond de la Pomme) and Kara Chad (Gin Tonic v. Haagakkers) were 3rd, 4th and 5th.
Friday, Olivier Guillon took home another class, 1.35m with Borona this time.
Abdelkebir Ouaddar and Quickly de Kreisker were 2nd in the 1.50m class. Maelle Martin who’s in really good shape was 4th thanks to Giovani de la Pomme. 
In the Speed Challenge, Julien Epaillard and Cristallo A*LM took the 2nd place.

© Jessica Rodrigues

© Jessica Rodrigues

Saturday new win for Olivier Guillon and Borona in the 1.35m class. Cedric Hurel took the 3rd place riding Paola du Terroir. 

In the 1.45, winning round for Pius Schwizer and Balou Rubin R and 5th place for Philippe Rozier with Rahotep de Toscane. 

© Cécile Cabre - Info Jumping

© Cécile Cabre – Info Jumping

Sunday in the 2* Grand Prix, 3rd place for Gudrun Patteet and Sea Coast Coco Berlini and 7th place for Marie Sapin with Fioretta van T Eigenlo. 

Some moments to keep in mind :

– The retirement Ceremony of Ornella Mail*HDC and Orient Express*HDC. 

 Ryan’s dream coming true thanks to the association Regar2moi.

– Salim Ejnaini jumping with voice guides (his coach Tiffany, Guillaume Canet and Thierry Rozier).

© Jessica Rodrigues

© Jessica Rodrigues

CSI 4* Wellington

© Sportfot

© Sportfot

In Thursday qualifer Quentin Judge and HH Whisky Royale were 5th.

Friday in the 1.45m class, Tiffany Foster ended 8th riding Chesney. 

And Saturday in the Grand Prix, Maggie McAlary was 2nd with Maraca LS La Silla.

CSI 2* Barcelone

© Eloïse Durand - Info Jumping

© Eloïse Durand – Info Jumping

CSI 2* : 1.40m
2nd place : Arnaud Fontanelle & Fabian van de Ronevallei
3rd place : Vanessa Norblin & Samsara Mail
5th place : Marie Demonte & Royalty du Genet

CSI 2* : 1.35m
3rd place : Marie Demonte & Vega de la Roche

CSI 2* : 1.40m
8th : Arnaud Fontanelle & Fabian van de Ronevallei


CSI 2* : 1.35m
1st place : Vanessa Norblin & Nebula
2nd place : Marie Demonte & Vega de la Roche
8th place : Olivier Robert & Valdez

CSI 2* : Grand Prix
2nd place : Bertrand Renaud & Scott d’Aliona

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