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Weekly results for Team GPA riders’

Deauville – Lucien Barriere Grand Prix : 100% GPA !

Saturday the Grand Prix Lucien Barriere took place  in Deauville. Four Jockeys were at the start and they’re all GPA riders, more precisely Jock-Up One riders.

Maxime Guyon won the race with Savoir Vivre. Pierre-Charles Boudot was 2nd thanks to Siljan’s Saga and Stephan Pasquier ended 3rd on Erupt. Last but nos least Christophe Soumillon and Garlingari.

© Worldofshowjumping

© Worldofshowjumping

CSIO 5* Gijon

Last but not least step of the 2nd division.Wednesday there was a 1.40m class, Dermott Lennon and Fleur IV were 3rd and Claudia Gisler (Touchable) 7th. In the big class, Julien Epaillard ended 8th thanks to Cristallo A*LM. 

Thursday, two 4S victories. Julien Epaillard and Sheriff de la Nutria LM took the 1.40 home. 3rd place again for Dermott Lennon and Fleur. And Abdel Saidwon the big class thanks to Hope van Scherpen Donder.

Friday in the 1.50m, Sergio Alvarez Moya placed Iron Man 6th and Julien Epaillard ended 8th riding Cristallo A*LM.

The french rider also won  Friday and Saturday’s 1.45 classes thanks to Sheriff de la Nutria*LM. 

Sunday, new price giving ceremony for Dermott Lennon : 2nd place in the 1.40 with Vampire. The 3rd place was for Nadja Peter Steiner and Cayena.

Monday, the Evo + rider, Dermott Lennon took home the Grand Prix thanks to his loyal Loughview Lou Lou, 2nd place for Abdel Said and California, at the 3rd place Bernard Briand Chevalier and Qadillac du Heup and 5th place was for Claudia Gisler and Cordel. In the 1.40m class, Luca Maria Moneta(Speed Air 2X rider) was 6th riding Herold N. 

© Longines CSI St Moritz - Katja Stupid

© Longines CSI St Moritz – Katja Stupid

CSI 5* St Moritz

Thursday in the big class, Marc Houtzager ended 7th with Sterrehof’s Calimero.The day after, our 4S rider, Marc Bettinger placed Barino 8th in the 1.45m class. He also offered a 2nd place to Balouzino in the big class while Marc Houtzager was 4th riding Sterrehof’s Calimero. 

Saturday, Marc Bettinger also did well. Quincy was 6th in the 1.50m class.

Sunday, Pius Schwizer won the small class with Chellatus R, Werner Muffand Daimler were 2nd, Marc Bettinger and Barino 5th.

CSI 4* Munster
CSI 4* : 1.40m
1st place : Katrin Eckermann & Dukendy
8th place : Jack Dodd & Quarto MailCSI 4* : 1.50m
3rd place : Jack Dodd & Wrangler

CSI 4* : 1.45m
6th place : Jack Dodd & High Valley

CSI 4* : 1.55m
1st place : Katrin Eckermann & Dukendy
4th place : Jack Dodd & High Valley
6th place : Willem Greve & Carrera

© Lucas Tracol - Dans la foulée

© Lucas Tracol – Dans la foulée

CSI 4* Valence

CSI 4* : 1.45m
4th place : Louis Bouhana & Shamrock du Niro
5th place : Marie Hecart & Myself de Breve

CSI 4* : 1.50m
2nd place : Philippe Rozier & Unpulsion de la Hart
3rd place : Olivier Robert & Quenelle du Py
4th place : Aldrick Cheronnet & Tanael des Bonnes
5th place : Alix Ragot & Thais de Pegase

CSI 4* : 1.45m
2nd place : Louis Bouhana & Shamrock du Niro
5th place : Robert Breul & Soprano du Tilenn
6th place : Maelle Martin & Icarus v.T Klavertje Vier

CSI 4* : 1.50m
3rd place : Charlotte Mordasini & Romane du Theil


CSI 4* : 1.50m
2nd place : Louis Bouhana & Shamrock du Niro
3rd place : Maelle Martin & Icarus v.T Klavertje Vier
6th place : Philippe Rozier & Amerigo
8th place : Olivier Robert & Tempo de Paban

CSI 4* : Six bars
1st place : Jean-Luc Mourier & Wisconsin

CSI 4* : 1.50m
3rd place : Louis Bouhana & Shamrock du Niro

CSI 4* : Grand Prix
6th place : Rene Lopez & Bigbrother
7th place : Charlotte Mordasini & Romane du Theil

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-12307" src="" alt="14068292_10154431942603838_7140802495658170256_n" width="800" height="800" srcset=" 800w,×150.jpg 150w,×300 viagra sildenafil 100mg.jpg 300w,×768.jpg 768w,×100.jpg 100w,×90.jpg 90w,×247.jpg 247w,×510.jpg 510w” sizes=”(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px” />

 4S ambassador Ian Millar won the Angelstones Tounament’s Grand Prix with Baranus.

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