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Weekly results for Team GPA riders’

Rider of the week : Salim Ejnaini !

Salim is one of our para riders. He’s a blind person and practice horse riding, especially show jumping.

His horse, Rapsody escort him in a huge journey : jumping an entire round without following someone. Someone is near the fences and guides Salim with the words “left, right, straight, here” and then Salim listen to his feeling to know when “Rapso” will take off. Impressive…

This week-end they were in Pau and jumped three rounds alone, for the First Time !

Salim rides with a Speed Air helmet and a 4S saddle padd.

Maelle Martin & Giovani de la Pomme © Eloise Durant - Info Jumping

Maelle Martin & Giovani de la Pomme © Eloise Durant – Info Jumping

CSI 3* Macon Chaintre

Good start for the Team GPA in Macon. Thursday, Cedric Hurel won the 1.35m with Paola du Terroir while Jean-Luc Mourrier was 3rd riding Quiginaand Marie Hecart was 8th with Toundra de la Roque. Second class, same song : Jean Luc Mourier took it home this time with Souvienstoi Lariviera. In the big class (1.45) Maelle Martin and Icarus V’t Klavertje Vier were 3rd just before Hugo Breul and Folina Van Ter Lust. Nadja Peter Steiner was 6th thanks to Celeste 26. 

Friday, this was Alix Ragot‘s day : he won the 1.50 with Thais de Pegase. Pius Schwizer ended 6th riding Balou Rubin R4S power indeed !
In the 1.40m class, Cassidee offered a 3rd place to Gregory Cottard. Cedric Hurel was 5th on Paola du Terroir. They both wear the Titium helmet.

Saturday in the 1.35m, Pius Schwizer placed Davidoff V. Schl’hof Ch 2nd. Gregory Cottard was 5th with Une Futee de Wy. And in the 1.45m one, Jean-Luc Mourrier took the 1st place with Souvienstoi Lariviera the 3rd place was for Patrice Delaveau and Uthope de la Roque. Our First LadyNadja Peter Steiner and Maelle Martin were 4th and 7th thanks to Cayena and Icarus V’t Klavertje. 

Sunday in the Grand PrixMaelle Martin did the best GPA performance, she ended 6th on Giovani de la Pomme, Nadja Peter was 7th on Capuera II and Hugo Breul took the 8th place on Buzios d’Eucaussinnes. 

Hannah Sellek © Sportfot

Hannah Sellek © Sportfot

CSI 3* Verbier
CSI 3* : 1.30m
6th place : Audrey Geiser & Extra Strong

CSI 3* : 1.35m
7th place : Audrey Geiser & Walk for Glory KZI CH

CSI 3* : 1.45m
8th place : Christophe Barbeau & Ugo d’Argent

CSI 3* : 1.40m
8th place : Paris Sellon & Belle

CSI 3* : 1.45m
3rd place : Werner Muff & Daimler
4th place : Spencer Roe & Wonder Why
5th place : Emma Augier de Moussac & Diva
7th place : Paris Sellon & Canasta Z

CSI 3* : 1.35m
8th place : Werner Muff & HH Fleur

CSI 3* : 1.40m
3rd place : Lauren Hough & Lady Davos
5th place : Emma Augier de Moussac & Kanonja
6th place : Werner Muff & Cosby

CSI 3* : 1.40m
1st place : Paris Sellon & Belle 
4th place : Hannah Selleck & Wasabi

CSI 3* : 1.45m
2nd place : Werner Muff & HH Fleur
Emma Augier de Moussac & Kanonja © Digishots

Emma Augier de Moussac & Kanonja © Digishots

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