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Olympic Games – Eventing

Time to go back to the Olympics

First of all : Eventing !

Our four eventing riders gave the best of themselves to win the Gold Medal… And they did it ! Eventing riders were the first to offer a Gold Medal to France.

During the eventing test, Astier Nicolas and Mathieu Lemoine, GPA riders, worn their Jock-Up One, our helmet especially made for evening riders and jockey’s safety.

And during the jumping test, the entire team rode wis GPA jackets while Mathieu and Astier also wore their GPA helmets, the Speed Air.

At the end of the day, Astier was also individual Silver medalist.

You can see (or see again) all the interviews and articles about this beautiful day in this press release.
© FFE / PSV - Jean Morel

© FFE / PSV – Jean Morel









© Pierre Costabadie - Scoopdyga

© Pierre Costabadie – Scoopdyga


Olympic Games – Showjumping

Few days after the eventing, it was time for Showjumping.

And they did it too !

This was a new gold medal for France.

The four riders of the Team also rode with GPA jackets. 

Penelope Leprevost and Philippe Rozier are GPA Team members. Philippe was wearing his Speed Air Carbon and Penelope her First Lady 4S carbon with the French Flag on it.

You can see (or see again) all the interviews and articles about this beautiful day in this press release.

© Coll. Priv.

© Coll. Priv.

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Thank you ! 

The entire GPA Team wants to say thank you to all the riders who represent our brand during the Olympics. Congratulations to you and all your Teams for your performances and your hard work during past 4 years to win you qualification.

Matt Williams (AUS) – Speed Air 4S
Kara Chad (CAN) – First Lady 4S Carbon
Tiffany Foster (CAN) – First Lady 4S Carbon
 Amy Millar (CAN) – First Lady 4S Carbon
Rene Lopez (COL) – Speed Air 4S
Karim Elzoghby (EGY) – Speed Air 4S Carbon
Sergio Alvarez Moya (ESP) – Speed Air 2X Carbon
Mathieu Lemoine (FRA) – Jock Up One / Speed Air 2X
Penelope Leprevost (FRA) – First Lady 4S Carbon
Astier Nicolas (FRA) – Jock Up One / Speed Air 2X
Philippe Rozier (FRA) – Speed Air 2X Carbon
Ben Maher (GBR) – Speed Air Carbon
Christian Ahlmann (GER) – Speed Air 4S Carbon
Taizo Sugitani (JPN) – Speed Air 4S
Abdelkebir Ouaddar (MAR) – Speed Air 2X Carbon
Charlotte Mordasini (SUE) – First Lady 2X
Rolf -Göran Bengtsson (SUE) – Speed Air 2X Leather
Isheau Wong (TPE) – First Lady 2X
Thank you all for your trust and loyalty.
© Coll. Priv

© Coll. Priv

World n° 1 !

Congratulations to Christian Ahlmann who’s the n°1 rider of the Longines World Ranking list !

This month, Penelope Leprevost is n°3 and she’s also the best female rider in the world. Well done Penelope.

They both ride with a 4S helmet in Carbon for twice more safety. Penelope with the First Lady and Christian with the Speed Air.

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