Success Stories
Numerous written messages by riders expressing satisfaction and gratitude as well as from jockeys highlight the essential protective role of GPA helmets in a fall (unfortunately inevitable in this high-risk sport).
The entire medical profession also unanimously accepts and recognises that they reduce the traumatisms that can be caused in these accidents.

Rebecca Meyers : June 2005
Hi, my name is Rebecca Meyers and on June 23 I was in a terrible horse accident. I was riding a horse that was for sale for my friend and I went to ask it to canter because the lady told me he was young but very broke and he would be fine.It reared straight up and flipped over on top of me, landed straight on top of my body and my head. I was wearing my friends Gpa helmet because mine was back at the barn and i was'nt planning on riding for the day. The impact was so seriously that the 911 crew said that if I did'nt have the helmet on the fall and accident would of killed me flat out. The helmet front was smashed because the impact was so bad and the 911 crew said that if I would of had a different helmet on like a cheaper one or less sturdy it would of kill me right then and there. The whole accident is on video tape because was friend was taping because she liked the horse and wanted to show her parents. I would be more then please to send it to you the video because i want to thank you or saving my life. I was in the hospital for about 2 to 3 weeks with serious injuries and a horrible blow to my eye leaving a giant whole in my eye that they had to do surgery on and put plastic inside. My injuries are complicated and i will tell you if you would like. I am just thankful i was wearing your helmet because i would not be hear today if I did'nt put it on. I am 18 years old and I appreciate your product so much it brings emotion and tears to my eyes. Thank you again for everything and if you would like the video and to hear more everything don't hesitate to e-mail me or give me a call.

Rebecca Meyers

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Ms. Janel Leigh Prescott
Last week I wrote to you concerning a problem I was having with my chin strap. Yesterday I received a replacement in the mail. I just wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you for your prompt attention to my request. I feel very reassured that I bought a quality product from an attentive and wonderful company and I will continue to recommend a GPA Titanium helmet and GPA as a company to people at my riding academy and others that might ask.
Again, thank you so much for sending me a replacement so quickly.

Ms. Janel Leigh Prescott
E-mail : May 25th 2005

Sana & Barb

I am an owner of a GPA helmet, and they are wonderful! I would not choose anything other!
I was wondering, though, what does GPA stand for? Also, GPA helmets are greatly appreciated at our barn, and other peoples in the area because the helmet saved my best friends life. She was riding, her horse took off, and she fell under the horse, getting repeatedly rolled-over, and crushed on... the back of the GPA that cups down, actually saved her first vertebrae, and if it the helmet didn't have that... she would of died, or been paralyzed.
She was in the hospital for a long time, (this happened last year) and is still recovering. And claims that her GPA split in half! That's why all of our friends, and myself, have preferred GPA helmets over anything else!
They really are the safety legend! Also, they look awesome, in style, are safe, and EXTREMELY comfortable!
Thank you very much,

Sana & Barb
e-mail : March 27th 2007

GPA, the champions' protection
Besides these numerous testimonies received from riders, GPA helmets also insure daily the protection of our biggest champions.
Any merged disciplines, in the training as in competition, chuttes is frequent for the professional riders who make with GPA, the choice of safety and comfort.

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